Leather Paws Eliminates Plastic Packaging

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Jane was ecstatic! She bought a collar for her dog Sam that looked gorgeous. Taking it out of the plastic bag, she examined it carefully. In her excitement, she was unaware that the plastic slid to the floor. Sam, curious as ever, saw this as a happy opportunity to try out a fancy treat. It was a tug of war thereon for human and dog.

Pet owners, does this seemed like your life story? Do happy occasions somehow turn to a chasing game? Dont despair because we hear you! Thats why our company Leather Paws is now using velvet bags instead of plastics in our packaging. We care for you and your pets well-being.

Plastics Harm Our Pets

Our pets dont know any better that plastic poses a danger. Can we blame them? Our little ones love to chew, but chewing on the wrong objects may put their lives at risk. This can result in tooth fracture, bruised gums, constipation, intestinal blockage and a very large veterinary bill.

Through the years, plastics have been perfected making them stronger and indestructible. Aside from many chemicals, its also laden with Bisephenol A or BPA, a toxic substance. Humans and animals are at risk.

Go online. Its rife with photos showing hundreds of dead wildlife due to plastic toxicity. This prompted countries around the world to limit or ban throwaway plastic bags. In the United States alone, the no-bags campaign gained grounds, requiring the reduction, reuse and recycling of checkout bags.

Pharmaceutical reports reveal that even small exposures to BPA cause danger especially when ingested. Even at small doses, BPA has been linked to health problems including obesity, cancer, hyperactivity, chromosome abnormalities and increased aggression. Have your pet play with it and the risk for suffocation also rises.

Leather Paws Packaging Image

Leather Paws Advocate Green Alternative

Today, eco-conscious businesses like us have stopped using plastics. Most are replacing these with more environmental-friendly packaging such as paper and cloth. These are safer to use, with many opting for cloth fabrics for sturdiness and durability.

This sends a positive note that everyone is serious in doing their part for Mother Earth.

At Leather Paws, we chose velvet-material packaging bags for a number of reasons:

  • Lessens our carbon footprint
  • Biodegradable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Recyclable
  • Aesthetically beautiful
  • Non- toxic for pets
  • Can be washed and reused repeatedly
  • Stylish
  • Can be used to carry and store treats, accessories and a hundred things
Leather Paws Packaging Image

We Care for Your Pets

Our furry companions are family. They rely on us for the most basic things to stay healthy. Leather Paws is committed in making collars, leashes and other pet accessories for your darlings. We extend this safety to our packaging materials so you and your pal enjoy many happy years together.

Plastics have been linked to increased incidences of disease, cancer and even premature death. Yet, solutions are available today. We are taking the first steps to eliminate this danger to ensure the safety of our beloved pets.

Leather Paws Packaging Image