Leather Paws My Puppy Growth Program


At LPNY® we understand our puppies grow up very quickly! They outgrow their collars, and buying new high quality collars isn't cheap. To bring more value to our products we are now offering My Puppy Growth Program. The program will maximize the value of your original purchase and save you money as your puppy grows. As a part of this program LPNY® will provide Free Size Upgrades. Yes! A new collar as they grow!


  • Free Size Upgrades as your puppy grows!
  • Select from 3 Options:
    • $21 For Single Growth Exchange (One Size Exchange)
    • $31 For Double Growth Exchanges (Two Size Exchanges)
    • $51 For Full Growth Exchanges (Exchanges until your Puppy fully grows)
  • We cover shipping cost for the new shipment.
  • We will have record of exchanges. You will not be required to provide tracking information or keep track of any records.
  • Fast shipment of replacement product.
  • We will donate your old collar to the shelter


  • My Puppy Growth Program must be purchased within 7 days of receiving the original product.
  • The program expires 7 Months from the date of original purchase.
  • The collar can not be exchanged for the same size, or another model.
  • The old collar must be returned so we can donate it to the shelters, or recycle on your behalf.
  • Custom Orders are disqualified from this program.
  • Buyer is responsible to send back the original product for exchange.
  • Limitation of size upgrades depend on each individual model. The largest size offered for sale is considered the largest possible option that qualifies for an exchange under the program. LPNY® will not create custom orders to accommodate the exchanges. Buyer is responsible to study the Size Upgrades available for each model before purchasing this program.The old collar must be returned so we can donate it to the shelters on your behalf or recycle if the collar is not in the condition to be donated.
  • LPNY® reserves the right to discontinue this program with or without a reason, and holds the right to accept or deny the claim for any reason. If the program is discontinued, any active program subscriptions will be issued a gift card of equal value of the paid program price. Abuse of this program is strictly prohibited.

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