A Story: Golden Boy Jack


Let me tell you about Jack and the month of September.

You see, 2 years ago on this month, I lost my best buddy Jack - a Golden Retriever. Jack was just 5 years old when he passed away. In a short span of time, he brought so much fun and laughter in my life. He was insanely friendly - a golden goofball.

Gentle Golden Giant

As a first time owner of a big dog, Jack’s temperament was amazing.  All my previous pets were small breeds, so I was surprised that this dog can be so gentle. Small dogs do bark a lot and they can sometimes pick up a fight, but not Jack.

He befriended everybody, including our cats. He was happy babysitting a kitten when its mother decided to prolong her sunbathing. He was just a friendly, lovable dog. That’s my Jack.

For Love of Play

I admit I went overboard buying him squeaky toys, treats, grooming products and other doggy accessories. He was large, even as a young dog. So, I had a difficult time looking for a collar and leash that will hold him securely. In the end, I bought him a leash, collar and harness - for lack of buying restraint!

One more thing I noticed is that my dog loved to pull. When he does, you can be sure I was flying right behind him. I made a terrible mistake of buying him a snap-on collar when he was mid-size. It snapped open and boy, he was running non-stop and I was in pursuit!

From then on, I invested in a sturdy, yet comfortable leather collar for my dog. I remembered the first one I bought for him. It was made of thin, lightweight soft leather that fitted him well.

The Best for my Dog

Golden Retrievers are big boned and have tons of hair. So I have to read a lot of tips in buying some of his things:

  • Flat vs. Rolled Collar

I’ve read that flat collars tend to rub on fur while a rolled collar minimizes the chance of hair damage. However, my dog only wore his collar when we’re out on walks, so it doesn’t really matter which variety I chose. I bought him a red, rolled leather collar with a brass buckle that looked divine. For Christmas, a family member gifted him with a classic flat cowhide leather collar with a matching leash.

  • Width and Length

Large breeds need a fairly wide collar to ensure comfort and strength. I picked collars at least 1 -1.5 inches in width. The length depends on the average neck size of large dogs, which is around 15-24 inches.

These big dogs don’t realize their power, and when they pull, they could hurt themselves. I make sure that their necks are supported and protected.

 Gone too Soon

The years I spent with Jack were the best. Yet, he was gone too soon.  That’s why we must give our buddies all the love, attention, comfort and treats for the few years we have them with us.

Today, he could be playing near the rainbow bridge or sitting by a tree.

I like to think he keeps an eye on that bridge, to see if I’ll be coming.  I know that when that day comes, there’ll be endless playtime and joyful kisses. It will be one happy reunion for Jack and me.