About Us

Kuma - Leather Paws

KUMA (Bear)
​​​​​​​ Our Inspiration; Our love.

LPNY® Leather Paws New York offers handmade genuine leather collars, leather leashes and leather harnesses for pets of all sizes. We specialize in unique styles including popular rolled, flat, braided, weaved, martingale, choke, and spiked collars or leashes.

Luxury, style and comfort of pets is at the heart of Leather Paws brand. We are a family owned company dedicated to creating high-end, and simply-practical pet products for everyday need. We value integrity and our love is reflected in every piece we create. At Leather Paws we believe that our pets hold a special place in our hearts as important members of our family.

Leather Paws is a rising status symbol that has won the hearts of many. Innovative, stylish and long-lasting designs bring us closer to achieving our ultimate dream: To be the name that helps you express your love for your pet.

Kuma, a German shepherd, is our regal inspiration and wears the inaugural Leather Paws collar to remind us of our core purpose. His silhouette remains on our logo, and travels with every product. Leather Paws continues to establish itself as a premier company around the world.

LPNY® is a U.S. based company with headquarters in Long Island, NY.

Our Beliefs

Your order is personal to us. We design it with care, and pack it with a personal touch of luxury. Our responsibility is not only to provide you and your loved one with the perfect product; we also believe in offering environmentally sustainable solutions that help make this earth a little greener. Thank you for helping us achieve that. Each purchase you make with LPNY Team, there is one less plastic product tossed to destroy nature.