Why Leather?

 Eight Benefits of Leather Leashes



The collar and leash you choose for your dog is one of the most critical decisions you make as a pet parent.  As a beloved member of the family you want to be sure to purchase him or her the best option available.


You may still need to plan for the training phase of your pooch’s life, but you also should consider preparing for the many years of walks/runs/bike rides to come. [Insert Picture: Facebook picture of a dog walking]


If you have ever stood in the leash aisle of one of the popular big-box pet stores you know there is no shortage of leashes crafted from all manner of different materials.  


From rope to rhinestone and even faux fur you have no less than a hundred assorted leashes.


Now while you may be tempted by the bright colors of the trendiest leashes or drawn in by the lower price tag of the store brand nylon leashes, take a step out of the neon lights and regroup.


With all of the assorted options why should you look more closely at a leather leash?


Leather leashes are:


1.    Stronger than their nylon counterparts.

2.    Likely to become pliable and more comfortable for the human holding the leash.

3.    Not as rough to the hands as a nylon leash.

4.    Less slippery and easier to grip, which is particularly helpful in both the winter and the summer.

5.    Now even leather leashes come in fun and vibrant colors. [Insert Picture: 4ft 4 Foot Rolled Leather Dog Leash Lead Exotic Pink Orange Brown Color, Lightweight For Everyday Use]

6.    Durable. Genuine cowhide handmade leather leashes like the ones from Leather Paws are meant to stand the test of time.

7.    Often important for loose leash training.

8.    Perfect for using with harnesses and leather collars. [Insert Picture: Handmade Harness for Dogs. Comfortable, Lightweight, Weatherproof and Durable - Fits Chest Girth: 23" to 36"]


We hope this post has armed you with a few pieces of additional education that will be useful when making the decision to buy a leather leash for your furry friend.


Leather Paws dedicates itself to selling genuine cowhide leather leashes, handmade for superior craftsmanship right here in the USA. Visit our Etsy store to view the quality that a long-lasting leather leash can offer.