Red Oak Gladiator Leather CollarGold Studs On Rustic Leather
LPNY Leather ...
Red Oak Medium HarnessThick & Soft Leather
LPNY Leather Paws New York Red Oak Medium Leather Harness is the perfect item for small to medium dogs. It is soft and durable which will uphold pulling. It's made with beautiful red oak cowhide and has a stainless metal buckle which won't rust in any weather condition. This harness is made for a simple walk or training for any breed.       SIZING GUIDE: Fits Neck Circumfe
Red Gladiator Leather CollarReal Red Leather and Stainless Studs
Rusty Red Oak Large HarnessThick & Soft Leather
LPNY Leather Paws New York Rusty Oak Large Leather Harness is our newest addition to our harness collection. It is adjustable, lightweight and made with a beautiful oak colored cowhide. This harness is perfect for a walk or for training Medium to Large breeds. The material is soft but durable which can uphold any pulling.       SIZING GUIDE: Fits Neck Circumference(Adjusta
LPNY Rolly Red Leather CollarRolled Spicy Red Leather with Gold
LPNY Rolly Red rolled leather collar is chic. The bright red color stands out on any coat. The collar only consists of stain-resistant gold metal. The rolled leather is perfect for small dogs; It is thin, and lightweight. The leather does not stain light color dog coats.
Red Mahogany Leather LeashDreamy Natural Leather With Reflective Finish
LPNY Leather Paws New York Red Mahogany Leather Leash is the perfect lead for any breed of dog. It has a beautiful saddle finish in a reddish brown color. It also has a heavyduty silver clasp which will not rust in any type of weather. This leash is 4 ft long which is great for training, city walking and keeping your best friend close.